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Flipbook Fest 2024 announcement gif

It’s time to start working on your flipbooks for

Flipbook Fest 2024!

Flipbook Fest 2024!

Watch the announcement video below.

(Of course Future Andy had to show up and nearly ruin it! But you can just ignore him being a weirdo in the background.)

The optional theme is “Light and Shadow,” but you are free to create any other idea that you like.
So, get started working on your ideas! Please help us spread the word about Flipbook Fest. If you are in school, see if you can get your whole class or school involved. Let’s make this the biggest Flipbook Fest so far!

*If you prefer to submit your flipbook by video, please sign up for the animation newsletter below. Video submissions and digital entry forms will be accepted at a later date, via the forthcoming Andymation mobile app. Follow for updates.

A Note About Paper

Paper pile

It is highly encouraged to make your flipbook with index cards or flipbook paper.

Flipbooks made on Post-it Notes are difficult to flip and might not be included in the results video.

Andymation Brand Flipbook Paper is best :grin: but index cards work well, too.

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