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Andymation’s 16X Paper Pack Flipbook Refills

(4 customer reviews)


The 16X Paper Pack gives you:

  • 800 sheets of Andymation standard size paper.
  • Enough Snap Screws and studs to make 16 flipbooks!
  • Comes in a solid box so you can conveniently store your flipbooks.
  • Made with pre-drilled holes perfect for Andymation Light Pad!

Want more paper? You know you do! Andymation’s premium flipbook paper is acid-free and has excellent thickness for flipping. This specific paper stock was hand-chosen for its whiteness and superior pulp quality, which makes it ideal for tracing your flip book drawings. And it's the same paper I use in my YouTube videos!

How do you learn to make flipbooks? Easy! Follow my YouTube tutorials to learn at any skill level. I share flipbook videos and have many more tutorials on the way. Even if all you can draw is a stickman, you can animate!

4 reviews for Andymation's 16X Paper Pack Flipbook Refills

  1. Gabriela

    I’ve been waiting for something like this

  2. Gabriela

    I’ve always wanted to buy this

  3. Elizabeth


  4. Bob hobo

    Have not bought it yet but I wanted to be the first comment and had been waiting for this since he made the first flip book refill!

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