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Balloon Flipbook

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A printed full color copy of my Balloon flipbook!

In this flipbook a lone balloon seeks to be free of the string that ties it down. The way this flipbook turned out was completely unexpected, and I loved making it. Thanks to my wife Laurie for coming up with the idea for the ending.

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The Making of my Balloon Flipbook


2 reviews for Balloon Flipbook

  1. Lexiya kowalczyk

    AMAZING this work cannot get any better it’s so good also I love all of your videos!!!!

  2. Yaretzi Carrasco

    I love the animation and all of the bright colors .I am a kid and Andy really made me fall in love with animating.I hope to collect all the other flipbooks soon!

  3. Chris Waddell

    Where are you located? Have you looked on Etsy?

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