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Andymation’s 8X Paper Pack Flipbook Refills

(26 customer reviews)


The 8X Paper Pack gives you:

  • 480 sheets of premium flipbook paper
  • Binding Screws in two sizes
  • Enough paper and screws to make 8 regular-size flipbooks or 4 extra-thick flipbooks!

Out of stock

Want more paper? You know you do! Andymation’s premium flipbook paper is acid-free and has excellent thickness for flipping. This specific paper stock was hand-chosen for its whiteness and superior pulp quality, which makes it ideal for tracing your flip book drawings. And it's the same paper I use in my YouTube videos!

How do you learn to make flipbooks? Easy! Follow my YouTube tutorials to learn at any skill level. I share flipbook videos and have many more tutorials on the way. Even if all you can draw is a stickman, you can animate!

26 reviews for Andymation's 8X Paper Pack Flipbook Refills

  1. Reuben

    I love it

  2. Ezekiel and Aaron

    You are so cool and I love your videos and how do you send flip book to you.

  3. Carloz


  4. Ricky

    I’m a fan Andymation

  5. Jables

    W flip book paper

  6. Sans

    Nice paper but make more pls

  7. Luke

    I like it but we need more spare paper.

  8. Debra Greer

    Very well made. It is in use everyday. One huge problem is the paper is out of stock. It can’t be used without paper. Other replacement paper does not fit the light box.

  9. wested_53

    its great but whens it coming back it must be good!

  10. Parker


  11. Parker

    Good paper!!!

  12. Anthony

    I love it but When will it be back in stock?

  13. Greyson

    Every time I check it is out of stock. It still looks very useful and helpful.

  14. Katharina

    My son loves to use this, and we are very proud of him, thank you!!!

  15. Paulo Diaz

    Hey Andy love the paper but you should make more! LOVE IT! I made so many!

  16. Trisha Arkoumanis

    I would give a 5 if it wasn’t out of stock every time we check. Love it but need more paper

  17. man

    really easy to use and is easy to make a good flipbook with it

  18. David

    I like your video,s

  19. Natasha Pattie

    AMAZING flipbook paper!

  20. RK

    I jussssttt love itttt!

  21. andrey

    good product

  22. i8jfj

    great 1

  23. i8jfj


  24. Noah

    Its the best flip book paper I like the way it flips

  25. Andrew

    I love the paper! Fits the exact same as the one from the starter kit!

  26. John

    Absolutely amazing! The quality in all the products was great, the paper, packaging, the little boxes that contain the paper, everything, thank you Andy!

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