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Ghost of John Flipbook

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A printed copy of my Ghost of John flipbook

In this flipbook a wandering ghost encounters a shivering skeleton and offers him comfort. This animation was inspired by a song my mom used to sing to me on Halloween when I was little. I loved using so much black ink, and then recording the song with my sister-in-law and niece was super cool.

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Check out the making of the flipbook and the song:

3 reviews for Ghost of John Flipbook

  1. bettycouch

    Hi I did some flip book on my friend’s computer and he don’t know how to send it to me.can I do it on my smart phone

  2. Logan

    Unbelievably good. I cannot describe how good the art and the animation is

  3. Jack S.

    This is great! It’s really cool to see one of your flip books come to life in my own hands! I love having this, and will never get tired of flipping it again and again.

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